Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Natural jokes

My friend, Nitya, she's so funny. She has this sense of humor which I don't know where she got from. This natural, raw, non-pretentious jokes. Not fueled by the wit which one gets from watching episodes of Blackadder.

She was telling me about her job as a security supervisor last night. I'm paraphrasing her here.

"The woman was cutting herself at her condo there. Then I was beside her, I show her my wrists also, tell her
"no point cutting, no point doing it for men. Useless one. You drip the blood, your man also cannot drink, right? Then the blood who clean? In the morning the auntie still must clean for you right? Don't give the auntie more work to do lah! Not nice!"

By the time she already started laughing then stop cutting already. Then she told me her life story, then she give me a hug."


"I love my job so much. You ever have to manage 50 year old men? Rowdy men? Men that say they killed people in Malaysia? I'm just a young girl , but I can control these men. Is a damn powerful feeling. "

And suddenly, being able to build systems in computer languages seemed to pale in comparison.