Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Exercise: Lately

The things around us usually goes into whatever stories we're trying to create. Let's do one of those memes to find out what is influencing us lately. Describe a little about each item which you listed, if possible.

5 Songs that are on your current playlist

1) Outkast - Hey Ya

Recently, a friend gifted another friend with an instant camera. Through demonstration, one must shake the instant picture after you have snapped it. Which answers the question I had posted earlier in my life, but haven't got an answer on what the hell does "shake it like a polaroid picture" meant.

Also, great song that makes me want to boogie.

addendum on 27th August Sang it during a KTV session, and realized that all the lyrics telling you to shake it, shake it could actually be suggestive.

2) The Observatory - Queen of Fate

This song is 10 minutes long and lounge-y. Unfortunately I haven't gone to figure out what the lyrics meant.

3) Massive Attack - Man Next Door

I put Massive Attack on my playlist on Grooveshark when I work. Puts you in the calmer mood, as the singers voices doesn't overwhelm me and steal my attention. Man next door happens to be one of my favorite ones.

4) Michael Jackson - Thriller

It's a pity that I only started paying attention to Jackson a few months before his death in '09.

I couldn't figure out what he was singing in Don't stop till you get enough, but in Thriller, you could hear the versatility in his voice. Also love the MTV.

Jackson was 24 when he was working on the Thriller album. What was I doing at 24? Oh yeah, living like a vagabond.

It's interesting that Lady Gaga is at her peak in 2010. Another 24 year old. I hope she doesn't have to go through what Jackson had to go through in the later parts of his career.

5) Robbie Williams - No Regrets

I was 15 when this song kept replaying on my (well, technically, my brother's) discman. Broke up with boyfriend when I was 14, and this song seemed to sing what I thought my heart felt at that point of time. Obviously I was just a silly teenage girl at that point of time.

Re-listening to it at 26 had more impact, for I have went through more disappointments.

5 Films which you recently watched

1) The Birdcage

I fell in love with Nathan Lane here: he nailed the part as a drama-mama drag queen. Totally not off-putting at all.

2) Inception

People speak too fast here, which reinforces the fact that I would much preferred subtitles, though I wouldn't watch this movie again. Also, soundtrack are dark and heavy. Reminds me of The Dark Knight. Obviously Christopher Nolan chose the same person to work with.

(Wow, I haven't watched anything else recently, so I'll stop at 2.)

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