Saturday, August 21, 2010

Writing Exercise #1: The cab ride

Note: We did this over MSN Chat in around half hour. The point of this exercise is to create a natural conversation between two characters.

A and B gets on the cab.

A: Uncle, Bukit Panjang.

Uncle: Ah, Bukit Panjang, how you want to go? BKE ah?

B: I think Bukit Timah road better lah.

A: Why sia? So many traffic lights like that?

B: I want to pass by KAP

Uncle: So I go Bt Timah Road ah!

A: No, No. BKE, uncle.

B: I want to pass by KAP la

A: Don't need to pass by KAP lah! Wah lao. Bukit Panjang also got Mcdonalds lah!

B: Who say I want to go McDonalds!

A: Then you want to pass by there for fuck?

B: It is just a must ok! I need to pass by there or else I can't sleep tonight. It will unclick this click in my head. Uncle, go, go, by Bt Timah Road!

Uncle: Okay okay. (starts driving)

A: What click you talkin about? Must you always be so difficult and deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep?

B: Hiyah don't ask lah!

(quiet among the two of them)

*Taxi Uncle raises the volume on his radio. The song is Jay Chou's tune.

A: What the fuck man, fuckin Jay Chou.. fucker can't sing or act

B: (keeps quiet)

Uncle: So you want to go KAP or Bukit Panjang ah?

(at the same time)
A: Bukit Panjang

A: What? I thought you just wanted to pass by, now you want to go there too?

B: sorry sorry.. uncle. Bukit Panjang.

A: So... how's Becca? You and her patched things up?

B: It's alrite lah. I don't really want to talk about it.

A: Then what.. so you don't want to say anything and be moody just becus we have different opinions on how to go BP?

B: Wah lao, it's nothing to do with BP lah! Kao. So let's just do what we need to do. To see the damn baby, then compliment on how cute it is though we already commented on her facebook wall saying that it's a cute baby.

A: Since when I commented? I haven't even seen the baby before. I hate babies. My sister's three kids running around and crying every night already a pain in the arse.

B: You never comment? Aiyah. Everyone just leave the comment, say it's a cute baby. But really. the damn baby looks like any other damn baby.

A: Then why you say cute? I can't stand people like you leh. Say things for heck of it.

B; Like you never do that before. *imitate* "wah lao..... your hair's so pretty, becca!"

A: Your bloody girlfriend what.. I wanted to make you feel proud of your stupid Queen

B: her hair's shit.

A: she is shit.. like a broomstick

B: Broomstick from Muji is not shit.,

A: Whuuuut?

B: I'm saying, it's not just any broomstick you buy from provision shop downstairs your block, okay. I bought this from fucking Muji. $15.

A: First you bought an umbrella for $100, then you bought a pen for $80, then, what was it? Oh, a fuckin teaspoon for $200, and now broomstick for $15. Why didn't you rent a limousine from Vegas to get us to BP?

B: I'll think about it. look. Don't talk to me no more.

Uncle: Stop at taxi stand can anot?

B: Can lah. (to A) let's go to starbucks.

A (mutters under his own breath): Seven fucking dollars for a fuckin cup!

B: I buy, you don't need to buy, okay?

A: I buy at Wangs packet over.. what's her baby's name again?

B: Angela.

A: Common

B: I also say.

A: Eh, her husband really bookie ah?

B: Dunnoe him lah. Kan ni nah, So young, already can buy 5 room HDB somemore

A: The 5 room not so bad leh. Some people, they just dive, must show off. But I swear I saw him driving a Maserati. Where got hockey coach drive Maserati?

B: Siao lang. Live HDB flat drive Meserati. Never kena hoot before.

A: That's the ultimate show-off lor.

B: yah lah. Eh... How's Jamie?

A: Jamie still in Russia la.. She flying back morrow. Then she gotta go Shanghai. Sometimes I duno true anot. KNN, SIA don't give off one meh!

B: Heh. Dating Air Stewardess like that one lah. (sigh) You know, last time the three of us always go and play lan-gaming? Wah kao. When can we do that again ah?

A: Eh who told you I dating her? You cibai, always make it awkward for me.. Wah lao, worried for her cannot meh... LAN gaming for losers la.. we're so adults now..

B: You... you really not dating her?

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